For some, Friday the 13th is steeped in superstition, a dark day where bad luck lurks around every corner. Others consider it a day like any other, only shuddering at the memory of a low-budget 80s slasher film.

When it comes to launching a killer advertising campaign, though, you’ll need to do more than knock on wood. We wouldn’t recommend relying on a lucky rabbit’s foot, either. But relying on Motivated Marketing? Even a black cat couldn’t change your luck.

Here are 13 things you should know about M2:

1. We’re the kind of people you want on your trivia team.

Our squad might not be comprised of MENSA card-toting geniuses, but as it turns out, we’ve accumulated an awful lot of random knowledge. From Star Wars to the Civil War, when we put our heads together, we can’t be beat.

2. Because we only hire the best of the best.

Our Creative Team marries innovation and execution more uniquely than an ordained Elvis at a drive-through chapel. Our Media Team can target an audience with frightening precision. Our Account Service Team continually stuns our clients with their efficiency and attention to detail. And the administrators and managers that keep everything on schedule? Magic is the only way to explain it.

3. And we’re definitely the kind of people you want to have a beer with …

Or a margarita. Or a glass of rosé. Your choice. But we dare you to find a team that’ll work harder to make your campaign a success – and then buy the first round to celebrate.

4. Or a taco.

We take Mexican cuisine very seriously around here. And we believe that if you don’t want to share some tortilla-wrapped goodness with the folks handling your advertising, there’s a problem. The relationship between a brand and its ad agency is an important one, after all. Still skeptical? Let’s taco ‘bout it.

5. But we know team bonding doesn’t only happen at Happy Hour.

The M2 squad sets aside one day a month to focus on team building. Since, as we’re sure you’ve guessed, we’re not your typical agency, we’ve swapped cheesy, cliché activities for beach clean-ups, kickball games and escape rooms.

6. That’s the beauty of working at a smaller agency …

While it’s easy to fall through the cracks at a huge agency, you’re more than an account number at M2. Each of our clients gets the personalized attention they deserve by working directly with one of our rock star account executives.

7. In the best city in the world.

Let’s just get one thing straight: We live in the best place EVER. Charleston boasts incredible restaurants, beautiful beaches and a rich history, so we can’t blame the flocks of tourists wanting to taste a little slice of the Lowcountry. We’re just surprised it took the rest of the country so long to catch on.

8. Our clients (and our moms) think we’re awesome.

Our clients can attest to our standard of excellence. And the work we produce for them, whether it’s a simple Facebook ad or a long-running series of TV spots, speaks for itself. (Nevertheless, hi mom.)

9. But we’re constantly focused on getting better.

Motivated Marketing’s budget even includes funds for conferences, classes and webinars that help us hone our craft. We’re committed to pushing ourselves to master our skills, as well as learn new ones.

10. That’s because we love what we do.

Like, borderline obsessed. As they say, if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. But don’t they also say that the most creative folks are just a little bit crazy?

11. And we’re excited to see where we’re going …

Nothing excites us more than growth – and not the kind that you can measure with a yard stick. Motivated Marketing is expanding, adding fresh talent to our staff AND new names to our client list. Stay tuned.

12. Especially since we’d follow our leaders anywhere.

M2 is scoring new accounts left and right and with our leaders charting the course, we couldn’t be better prepared to conquer new territory. Plus, they manage to wrangle our crazy team, which isn’t a task for the faint of heart.

13. After all, they know this business inside and out.

Our team members come from all over, and between us, we’ve gotten our hands on all sorts of advertising experience. From frozen yogurt to Ford trucks and political candidates to pizza, we’ve marketed just about everything under the sun. Whether we came from an agency or broadcasting or another world altogether, our combined perspective is what makes M2 so innovative.

Just think of Motivated Marketing as your brand’s good luck charm. On this Friday the 13th, and all the days that follow.

Disclaimer: While we’re confident in our ability to bring your campaign good fortune, there’s no need to walk under any ladders today on our account. At least wait until tomorrow – just to be on the safe side.