Think billboard advertising shares the fate of the rodents occupying the same stretch of roadside? Think again.

In our digital age, many brands make the same incorrect assumption. But as it turns out, out-of-home advertising is the only traditional medium that has continued to grow over the last decade. Untouched by the shifts in TV viewership and print subscriptions, out-of-home advertising revenue continues to rise – and is expected to double in total market value by 2023.

But why is out-of-home still “in”?

They might be consuming media differently, but Americans are still logging miles between home and school and work – miles where the inevitable billboards, wrapped busses and park benches advertise everything from diners to divorce attorneys. Americans spend nearly 300 hours a year behind the wheel, in fact. Talk about a captive audience.

The earliest records of billboard leasing date back to the late 1860s, and while their design has evolved in the last century and a half, billboards have remained largely the same. Until 2005, that is, when the first digital billboards started popping up along the road. Today, around 7,800 digital billboards can be found from coast to coast. And whether we’re talkin’ billboards or bus shelters, out-of-home advertising does the following:

Creates Contrast
Nielsen found that 86% of people say that OOH advertising makes brands stand out – which is incredibly important when consumers see hundreds of ads each day. Needless to say, OOH ads are a great way to cut through the clutter and make a lasting impact.

Grabs Attention
One study shows that nearly 75% of participants reported that digital billboards caught their attention more than online ads – and 46% said digital billboards got noticed more than TV commercials.

Inspires Action
Effective OOH messaging ties into a brand’s overall advertising strategy, providing potential buyers with a seamless experience between one medium and the next. An OOH ad is only the beginning! Need proof? Research shows that 46% of American adults have used a search engine to find more information about something advertised on an out-of-home ad.

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