While the holiday weekend may look a little different this year, patriotism can’t be stopped by a pandemic. Americans might not be gathering for huge parades and firework displays, but families nationwide will undoubtedly find a way to mark the occasion – stars and stripes style.

As you’re checking items off your grocery list and stocking up on sparklers, brands are working hard to grab consumers’ attention. And considering that Americans spent well over $6 billion on food alone last year, it’s no surprise that brands are clamoring to get a piece of the (all-American apple) pie.

Here are a few strategies that Motivated Marketing recommends as the holiday weekend approaches:

  • Run a 4th of July sales event.
    This tactic is particularly popular in the automotive industry, with many car dealers offering huge discounts around the 4th of July. Our job, as marketers, is to get the word out – and to be sure your message is heard above the din.
  • Call for social media engagement.
    From the festive décor to the Instagram-worthy cuisine, this holiday is a photogenic one. Brands can take advantage of this by calling for followers to post pictures using a branded hashtag.
  • Host a contest.
    To encourage engagement further, many brands add a summer-themed prize to the mix. For instance, they may encourage users to follow their brand and tag a few friends to be entered to win.
  • Put a patriotic spin on email marketing.
    It’s no secret that emails with a killer subject line and eye-catching design have a much better chance of avoiding the digital trashcan … and you should see what our graphic designers can do with a little red, white and blue!
  • Connect with customers online.
    Sharing photos of your team and/or office makes your brand more approachable. A few flags or ribbons make a bigger impact than you think, so snap a picture and get to posting!

Freedom is ringing, and we hope you will be, too! If you’d like to learn more about our marketing approach, or want to start strategizing for the next holiday, give us a call at 843.856.7322. Or email info@motivatedmarketing.com.

Have a fun, festive 4th of July!