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Much like an epic fireworks show, great ad content can inspire oohs and aahs – no pyrotechnics required. Social media is the perfect platform to put your brand on display, with video content more popular now than ever before. How exactly – let our video production agency explain!

While some fads fizzle out, these statistics prove that video is now an essential part of any successful marketing campaign. Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when consumed in video form, as opposed to 10% when read? If that’s not incentive enough to add video content to your social strategy, consider that 86% of businesses already have – a majority that likely includes your competitors.

This rapidly rising number is 63% higher than three years ago, and there’s no evidence that the trend won’t continue. Plus, advertisers who use video content have enjoyed a growth in revenue nearly 50% faster than their non-video counterparts.

With these illuminating statistics to back us up, M2’s Social Media Team has provided some helpful tips for incorporating video content into your marketing strategy.

Video Production Agency Advice: 5 Tips for Dazzling Video Content

Tip #1: Video quality counts.
While quirky clips shot on your iPhone certainly have their place, high-quality footage is necessary if you want your brand to stand out. Our Production Team can handle it for you, ensuring everything is perfect – from lighting to acoustics and every facet in between.

Tip #2: Start strong.
Researchers have found that it takes viewers only three seconds to decide whether to watch a video. Say you want about social media scrollers’ fickleness, but facts are facts. That means that your video must have a strong hook. When appropriate, our team takes a “frontloading” approach that puts the most important info in the first few seconds. So even if viewers don’t watch all the way through, your message is heard.

Tip #3: Tell a story.
Even if your video content doesn’t feature a single audible word, it must tell a cohesive story from beginning to end. Here at M2, our team knows how to put your brand’s message in motion – so viewers can’t help but stay engaged all the way through.

Tip #4: Make your call-to-action clear.
It’s important that your video has a flawless finish, seamlessly transitioning viewers to the next desired step. CTAs vary depending on your video’s intent, so it’s crucial to determine that first. Trying to raise brand awareness? Linking clickers to your homepage or contact page might do the trick. Want to entice customers to make a purchase? Make it simple by sending them straight to your inventory or pricing page. Whatever the next step, we’ll craft a CTA that converts!

Tip #5: Assume volume-less viewing.
Recent studies show that up to 85% of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off. For this reason, half of consumers across all platforms find tremendous value in video captions. Concise, eye-catching text on screen not only allows viewers to follow along, but drives home the most important points.

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