Marriage proposals gone alarmingly wrong.
Hilarious post-anesthesia antics.
Amateur music videos nearly too painful to watch.

These days, becoming a YouTube sensation requires little more than an iPhone and an imagination. Welcome to a world where “going viral” is a badge of honor, not a call for medical attention.

With a billion monthly active users worldwide, YouTube has undoubtedly staked its claim in the digital landscape. In fact, research reports that half of Generation Z claims they can’t live without YouTube. That’s what being immersed in technology from birth will do to you, it seems.

With all eyes on YouTube, marketers have been handed an opportunity on a silver platter. YouTube pre-roll, when done right, can be the best kind of disruptor. Yes, it postpones a user’s video, but if the content is relevant and high-quality, it just might turn a cat video-watcher into a customer.

The M2 Creative Team abides by these rules of thumb when creating YouTube pre-roll:

1. Tell a story.
Viewers don’t want to feel like they’re watching an advertisement, especially when they’re waiting (less than patiently, most likely) for their video content. Our copywriters put on their thinking caps to craft out-of-the-box concepts that draw viewers in immediately.

2. Get creative.
The first few seconds of pre-roll video must intrigue viewers – or you can kiss them goodbye as soon as that dreaded “Skip Ad” button appears. Instead of crafting pre-roll like a traditional TV spot, our team works to hook viewers with content that’s humorous or just downright different from a typical ad.

3. Target your audience.
Thanks to frighteningly precise targeting, brands have no excuse not to get their ads in front of the right eyeballs. Viewers are much more likely to watch an auto ad, for instance, if they’ve recently performed an online search for “safest car 2017.”

4. Produce high-quality video.
Professionally shot and edited video is essential to holding a viewer’s attention, and establishing credibility in the digital space. This isn’t amateur hour, after all. And it just so happens that our Production Team is the best around.

5. Include a strong call to action.
While some ads only feature the “click here” button at the end, many are now clickable throughout the entire ad. This serves as an invaluable mode of transportation to drive viewers to your website.

Ready to become a YouTube (pre-roll) sensation? Motivated Marketing already produces pre-roll spots for countless clients, and we’d love to add you to the list – just as long as you share your favorite viral video with us first. For research purposes, of course.

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