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Loud colors, bold typography and fun illustrations? 2017 sounds like its going to be a party. We love a good party, so when the top graphic design trends of 2017 were announced, we thought, “Let’s Celebrate!” At Motivated Marketing, we are always looking for ways to keep our designs fresh and current. While last years design trends are still widely used, there are a few new ones making their way into the mix, and we are ready for the change! Below are the eight predicted design trends to be on the lookout for in 2017.



Q&A with our Design Team

Which trend are you most excited for and why?

Liz: I would have to say I am most excited for #4 Authentic Photos. Original images bring a new level to design. Poring over endless amounts of generic imagery to find a just the right one can be a daunting task. We often see the same images being used by competitors, which can ultimately hurt a brand. One of our main goals is to have a client stand out from their competition. Original photos are a great way to do just that. We are starting to see a lot more originality in the market these days. Companies like Dannon, Starbucks and Nest (to name a few) are using original photography to help sell their brand and showcase their products.

Below is an example of a Facebook ad using original photography to highlight a new home camera system, coupled with perfectly staged typography. If Nest were to use stock photography, a customer would never see what the product looked like and might be less likely to purchase. Shooting custom photographs helps give us the flexibility and control to do whatever is best for our clients. When we are behind the planning, we can involve clients, pick our own models, and use our own props. I think this is a really great trend, and I hope it catches on quickly!


Tory: One of my favorite design trends is the use of louder and brighter colors in designs. Since most companies are using muted, safe, and minimalistic color schemes, using a bright and bold color is the perfect way to make your design automatically stand out from the rest. Companies like Spotify, Instagram, and Propel have been heading the pack with their bright and colorful redesigns. Their use of creative color pops has led to revolutionary and standout designs that give them that creative edge over their competitors.


Taylor:?I’d have to say my favorite trend of the new year is bold typography. I love big, bold, eye-catching fonts that make a headline stand out and impossible to miss. One of the best things about this particular trend is that bold typography is not only aesthetically pleasing, but intentionally grabs the audiences attention to the ad in coordination with any other graphics, imagery, or body copy the ad may have. Not only can bold typography draw attention to ads with headlines, it can also draw readers to the most important points of an advertisement and allows people to make note of and remember what those points are. A great example of bold typography in advertising comes from the truth campaign by the American Legacy Foundation. This campaign stretches across a wide variety of media channels, but this particular example is a video that uses big, bold typography to pull out the important parts of the film and emphasizes key statistics and facts. I’m excited to see where this trend goes in 2017!


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