Sometimes we’re tasked with brainstorming completely new concepts for our clients, a challenge our Creative Team eagerly accepts. We cover every surface available with our ideas, from note pads to dry erase boards to napkins. Once our brains are spent, we sort through each idea, determining which ones work – and which are just plain wacky.

But oftentimes, clients just need a little creative refresh. With brand guidelines to consider and a well-established tone to match, putting a new spin on old content can be even more tricky.

To keep our creative muscles warm during the chilliest winter days, we selected a few of our favorite Christmas classics and revamped their titles a bit. Turns out it only took a few swaps and subtitles to make these holiday stories sound like they belong on a marketer’s shelf!

How the Grinch Stole Creativity
A Woeful Tale of Writer’s Block

‘Twas the Night Before Auto Week
How Agencies Eagerly Await Monthly Offers

The Gift of the Marketers
The Inspiring Story of 3 Wise Creatives

A Creative’s Carol
Marketing Past, Present & Future

The Production Express
An Ad’s Journey from Brainstorm to Broadcast

You won’t find it in Santa’s bag or your stocking, but a strong ad campaign is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Whether your brand’s creative needs a few tweaks or a total overhaul – and whether you’ve been naughty or nice – we’d love to help! Get in touch today!