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Another school year is starting, and the carefree days of summer have drawn to an end. But while the kiddos have been enjoying their break, we’ve been working hard over the last few months – and we have a few lessons to share!

Teachers’ pets, grab a pen and notepad. Today’s topic: YouTube video advertising.

We know, we know … YouTube is just for the younger generation, you say. It’s not relevant, you claim. Well, move over, whippersnappers. User data proves that YouTube is anything but a kids’ craze. In fact, over 90% of adult Americans (age 18-44) watch YouTube. And over half of internet users over 65 are watching, too!

But what does this mean for your brand? Should you shoot a quick video and throw some dollars at YouTube? Whoa. Slow your (pre)roll. It’s wise to consider not only your target audience’s age range, but your specific marketing goals.

Talk amongst yourselves. We’ll wait.

  1. Identify Your Goals
    If you’re hoping to increase brand awareness, then investing in YouTube video advertising – the short videos that play before (or during or after) their audience’s content – is a strategic move.YouTube, now the second most popular search engine worldwide, can be an incredibly useful way to reach your brand’s audience. But any old video won’t do. In fact, a poorly produced or irrelevant piece of content can do more harm than good. As it turns out, “ineffective creative” is named the second biggest challenge that digital videos face. Remember, these videos are standing between a user and their content…like a final exam between a senior and graduation.That means you’ve got to carefully consider your next move.
  1. Set Your Sights
    This is where targeting comes into the equation! And lucky for M2 clients, our digital team has plenty of experience making sure the right eyes land on the right content. We target based on a wide range of data, including the following:
  • Demographic groups (age, gender, income, etc)
  • Detailed demographics (homeowners, new moms, etc)
  • Interests (fitness enthusiasts, travelers, dog lovers, etc)
  • Life events (relocation, marriage, new baby, etc)
  • Geography (physical location)
  • History (past interactions with videos)
  1. Choose Your Format
    Ads can run from 6 seconds (bumper ads) to one minute (mid-roll ads), depending on where they’re positioned. Mid-roll ads are sandwiched in the middle of the user’s video content, while pre- and post-roll ads come before and after, respectively.Most of our clients favor pre-roll ads, and while some are non-skippable, many can be skipped after 5 seconds. So marketers must deliver the brand’s message before viewers have the chance to say sayonara. (Yup, it’s just as tricky as it sounds.) For many of our automotive clients, this means mentioning the dealership’s name and sales event/incentive early, while still opening with eye-catching graphics or footage that doesn’t scream “TYPICAL CAR AD.” And because over 70% of watch time takes place on mobile, it’s imperative to show AND say the message – in case viewers have their device’s sound off.
  1. Get Inspired
    Check out these :06 bumper ads our team created! Notice how we made sure the message came across clearly by including text on the screen.



These :15 pre-roll ads are a bit lengthier, allowing our automotive clients to include an offer/incentive. For our healthcare clients, the extra time is used to help tell a story. Here’s what we mean…


To watch more of our team’s best pre-roll production, get in touch today! We’d love to school you on what we can do for your brand. Just email or call 843.856.7322!