Whether or not you subscribe to today’s Cupid-crazed, candy-coated version of Valentine’s Day, there’s no denying that millions of consumers do. The proof is in the purchasing: Americans spent, on average, around $144 in 2018.

The holiday marketing that inspires the purchase of all things sweet, sappy and scented has truly become something to write home about. (In fact, there’s probably a Hallmark card conveying the sentiment.) And as consumers become increasingly distracted by the abundance of ads, full-service marketing agencies like Motivated Marketing must not only think outside of the (heart-shaped, assorted chocolate) box, but stray far from its confines.

It’s obvious that the best marketers know a thing or two about courting consumers, elevating their efforts to lobster and champagne status. And here at Motivated Marketing, we’ve got more experience than any dating app when it comes to matching brands with their target audiences. No swiping required. Instead, we rely on next-level creative and customized strategy. Oh, and sometimes poetry.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Incredible marketing,
Starts at M2.

Chocolate is sweet,
Cards can be sappy,
The campaigns we produce,
Make each client happy.

They take strategy and planning,
To spark an attraction,
Wooing buyers to brands,
And stirring them to action.

Diamonds are forever,
Great ads shine as bright,
Because marketing is impactful,
When it’s done exactly right.

Ready to launch a campaign that’ll have your audience falling head-over-heels in love? Email info@motivatedmarketing.com or call 843.856.7322! Or send sweets. (Kidding…kind of.)