Motherhood is many things, from inspiring to tiring – and a million adjectives in between. But there’s one thing it’s not: easy.

So to the moms in our lives who made it look that way …

Who wore spit-up soaked shirts like a badge of honor.
Who made mini vans look chic.
Who rocked diaper bags like the latest trend.

Thank you. For loving us through the sleepless nights and tantrums, the Terrible Twos and the teenage years. 

Each May, brands nationwide send a thank you message of their own, crafting mom-targeted marketing that (they hope) will strike a chord with their audience. The strategies they employ are as varied the brands themselves, but whether they’re aiming for heartwarming or hilarious, these commercials did it brilliantly. You may remember these touching tributes from years past, but here’s a quick recap!

Macy’s produced this sweet commercial last year. It begins with a little girl’s first day of school jitters and comes full circle, as only the best ads do. See if you agree!

JetBlue launched the FlyBabies campaign in 2016, but the concept is unique enough to stick in our minds! It puts the spotlight on Mom, but is relatable to JetBlue’s wider audience. Win win.

Pampers is notorious for producing “awww” inspiring commercials. This 2017 ad only aired on Mother’s Day and in those 24 hours, it delivered a powerful message – without featuring a single baby. 


Here at Motivated Marketing, we strive to produce marketing campaigns that get remembered, just like the ones above. To learn more about how we do it, or for a few last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, email or call 843.856.7322! We’re happy to help!

And again, Happy Mother’s Day!