They say it’s a beautiful thing to see the world through the eyes of a child.


Full of promise.

Wide open.

So, it’s no wonder that the dads deemed perfectly ordinary by some are transformed into superheroes through the lens of childhood. To capture this shift from the everyday to the extraordinary, many brands put their storytelling skills on display – often saving their most beautifully-woven tales for Father’s Day. And rightly so.

Armchair quarterbacks become first-round draft picks.

Mac-n-cheese makers become master chefs.

Bedtime story creators become best-selling authors.

Scraped knee bandagers become Ivy League-educated physicians.

Marketers can appreciate that no two dads are the same, with brands adopting different styles to connect with different types of dads each Father’s Day. No matter what title Dad goes by, there’s an ad as unique as he is. Here are how a few brands honored Dad on his special day:

Dove gave a heartfelt gift to the Knight in Shining Armor, the dependable dad who always answers the call – and can heal anything from a boo boo to a broken heart. The creators of sentimental ads like this one strive to remind dads why they don their armor each morning.

Cheerios presented the Corny Comedian with this ad portraying the goofier side of fatherhood. You know, for the silly dad whose puns and knock-knock jokes are about as cool as socks with sandals. Let your chuckles serve as proof that humor in marketing works and is often the way straight to Dad’s heart.

What about the Little League Coach? The dad who not only attended each game, performance and race, but out-cheered every other spectator. There’s no shortage of sports-themed Father’s Day ads each year, but the element of authenticity is what makes this Dick’s Sporting Good’s spot stand out from the crowd. 

We can’t forget the Tech-Savvy Daddy, the one who uses the latest gadgets to document proud dad moments. His only concern is that his devices have enough memory to store all the ones he’s creating with his family – and brands like Google Chrome speak that language fluently.   

The Real Life Role Model, the dad who has little eyes on him from the time he gets out of bed to the moment he walks out the door, deserves something extra special. In this spot, Buffalo Wild Wings’ mission was to showcase why it’s all worth it – and leave an impression that’ll endure long after dad’s “mini me” isn’t so mini any more. 

To the father figures in our lives, whether we share their DNA or just a piece of their hearts, thank you. We can talk marketing on Monday, but for now, happy Father’s Day!