At Motivated Marketing, we love chatting about our favorite brand executions – especially the ones that make us laugh. Here are some of our team’s favorite branded April Fools pranks.

Quilted Northern

Kristin (Director of Operations) says: “The look on the kid’s face kills me.”

Open Table

Melanie (Media Buyer) says: “Tasting is believing!”






Mike (Digital Marketing Manager) says: “I think this is clever and a nice play on their name. It’s not overdone either & more playful than obnoxious.”

Oregon Football

In another innovative move, the University of Oregon announced plans for the worlds first LED football field, which will be ready for the 2016 home opener with UC-Davis.

Construction of the time-sensitive project has begun with the removal of the existing turf and removal of sixteen inches of concrete necessary to install the LED lighting hardware and clear acrylic turf.

Braden (Account Manager) says: “I love this prank just for the sheer epic scale of the thing, and the believability with it being Oregon.”

Pizza Hut

Tory (Graphic Designer) says: “It can’t be as bad as some of the beers I’ve tried…”

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