There’s truly something to be said about written content that makes an impact – and if it knocks you off your feet in just a few words? Even better. A weak headline does little more than throw a half-hearted jab, but a single sentence of well-written copy can really pack a punch.

But how do you craft copy that’s both concise and compelling? If you’re going to take a crack at it, you’ll need to choose your words wisely. Folks in the marketing biz know that words are precious, and when it comes to creating captivating ads, there’s no words to waste. These tips will help you get started:

1. Define Your Audience.

Whether you’re reaching out to a young professional climbing the corporate ladder, a busy parent who barely has time to shower or an octogenarian with a wallet bulging with grandkid photos, it’s critical to hone in on your audience right away. Sometimes an ad will address a large, varied group, other times it will zero in on a specific demographic. (Read: Good writers are flexible, so limber up.)

2. Get in Their Corner.

Once you’ve narrowed down your target audience, determine the intended action. What do you want people to do next? If you were a mother of four shopping for a new car, what would seal the deal? If you were a senior citizen, what would encourage you to schedule that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off? When your audience feels a genuine connection, a few words can speak volumes.

3. Trim the Fat.

For your first draft, just write. Let the ideas flow freely from your brain to your fingertips and don’t worry about breaking “the rules.” Once you’ve got some copy down on paper, go back and remove the sort of “flowery” language that might sound pretty, but does little more than increase your word count. Stick to action verbs instead. And while you may pride yourself on your uncanny ability to produce an obscure synonym at the drop of a hat, skip the extra syllables and use common language.

Whether it’s an eye-catching newspaper headline or a jingle that sticks in your head like Super Glue, there’s truly something to be said about written content that gets right to the point – and gets remembered.

At Motivated Marketing, we know that concise marketing copy inspires action, whether this is a sale, a phone call or just a simple click. And that’s exactly what we deliver for our clients.

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