As October’s remaining days dwindle, kids and adults alike are stirred into a frenzy over Halloween’s approach. Whether they’re delighted by the elaborate costumes or the prospect of their trick-or-treating haul, there’s no denying the thrill that October 31st brings. Remember the days of running from one spider web-festooned door to the next, giddy with excitement and refined sugar? We do, too.

While our team has many fond memories of Halloweens past, there are also some horrifying marketing blunders that brands would rather forget. Does Burger King’s Whopper with a black bun ring a bell? Burger King Japan first tested the formula and in the weeks surrounding Halloween 2015, the black buns made their way across the pond to BKs in the USA. Not only did the burgers look disgusting, but rumor has it they caused some rather unfortunate side effects as well …

And what about Subway’s failed attempt at humor in 2014? The iconically nutritious sandwich shop served up a Halloween ad that encouraged women to eat healthy post- swimsuit season to ensure they’d rock their scandalous costumes. The general consensus: Sub lovers much prefer their meals with chips and a drink, rather than a side of sexism.

Walmart also made an embarrassing mistake that had customers nationwide booing – and not like Casper. Walmart’s website featured a “Fat Girl Costumes” section, a grave error that they quickly corrected and apologized for.

For those unfamiliar with the advertising world, the idea of launching a marketing campaign can be more terrifying than any horror movie or haunted house. Especially when campaigns launched by big-name brands like Burger King prove to be more trick than treat. That’s why it’s best to hire a team of professionals that isn’t spooked by terms like kerning or gradient.

After all, weak marketing can’t be disguised. No mask or wig or costume will suffice. When you’re ready to devise a marketing strategy that will leave your audience smiling as brightly as a jack-o-lantern, give Motivated Marketing a call.

You can’t pay us in candy, but that’s not to say that a few KitKats wouldn’t sweeten the deal.