Last month (March 2016), Google released a case study about the car buying process and how crucial the digital world is to that journey. During the case study, Google partnered with Luth Research to follow Stacy, a 32 year old mother of two with a baby on the way. Stacy had over 900 digital interactions during her 3 month journey. 71% of those interactions were on a mobile device. Google even revealed that 1 in 2 of her automotive searches happen on mobile. As we know, the car-buying journey is long and more hard-fought than ever. In fact, 6 out of 10 car shoppers have no idea what vehicle they are seeking when they start their search!



Head on over to the case study for more infographics and details. For auto dealers, having a strong digital presence is more crucial than ever. At Motivated Marketing, we challenge our dealer partners to think;

  • Is my brand present?
  • Is my brand useful?
  • Is my brand accountable for these moments?

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– Mike, M2 Digital Marketing Manager