Digital advertising is a great way to reach your target audience at a very granular level. There are so many options when it comes to digital advertising, from paid search, display, pre-roll video, and social media for example. We love how specific and personalized you can get with all of the targeting options, exposing your audience to a message that suits them best and resonates with their needs.

The Goal

One of our clients, Coastal Kids Dental & Braces, came to us with a specific goal at the beginning of Q1: raise brand awareness and increase appointments at their West Ashley office location (1 of 5 in the Charleston metro). Immediately our team thought of digital as being a key component of meeting this need due to its hyper-local nature and its high usage amongst the client’s core demographic: moms.

Our team brainstormed creative messaging, geography, digital platforms, and targeting strategy to determine the best way to reach more moms within a close proximity to the dental office and drive more appointments.

The Solution

It was decided that pre-roll video on YouTube and paid ads on Facebook were the two key digital solutions to achieve this goal and each had their individual strengths (keep in mind that additional mediums were used as well, such as TV). Pre-roll video, a highly visual medium, allowed us to highlight the West Ashley office and have a strong branding component. Facebook, the largest social platform in the world, has high engagement with moms and highly detailed targeting capabilities with their ads.

Both Google and Facebook have a lot of data that is tracked about its users and their online activities. This allows the tech giants to serve more relevant advertising, customize their organic results, and enhance the overall platform experience. These large databases are key in allowing digital advertising to be more precise than other mediums.

We created a West Ashley pre-roll video campaign targeting neighboring zip codes and focused on moms. We also executed an extensive Facebook advertising campaign with multiple creative sets, including both video and static images, to deliver highly targeted messages and stress the ease of making appointments online.

We always suggest a 3-6 month flight for all digital campaigns to gain traction, saturate your target market, and provide time for your audience to convert. Our flight for this campaign was 4 months, but after only 3 months, we’ve already seen great success with the campaign.

The Results

Pre-roll video has delivered over 89,000 completed views and served over 383,00 impressions. Facebook has delivered over 1,600 clicks to the website, over 16,000 video views and almost 600,000 impressions! Leads driven by digital advertising across the board are up 244% as well. Appointment numbers are up 38% for the West Ashley office year over year, and overall monthly averages have increased 16%. We’re excited to see the final results as the campaign progresses!

All in all, digital advertising is an excellent way to reach the audience that fits your business and deliver a targeted message with minimal wasted ad spends. If you have a specific need or goal, Motivated Marketing can help with our extensive digital solutions.