Our staff is often asked to “Create on Demand.” While it is a whole lot of fun, it’s also not as easy as it looks. As an agency full of creative personalities, we are always looking for new ways to stretch our creative muscles. Just like any other muscle in the body, our brains need conditioning to stay fresh in order to keep delighting our clients with amazing ideas.

To keep our brains healthy and sharp, members of our staff use all kinds of methods for creative conditioning.  Some of us doodle, others take “walk breaks” to clear their heads (and get their steps in). Occasionally, we even like to challenge one another with a game of wit. Today, we would like to invite our readers take part in one of our creative exercises by voting on their favorite captions from the first official M2 Caption Contest. Our contestants include Derek Wacaster – Creative Director, Kristin Smith – Director of Operations, and Matt Slechter – Media Director.

Take a peek at each picture below and choose the caption that you like best. Let the voting begin!


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