While flashy digital ads grab attention, it’s not always the kind brands desire. Many consumers today are turned off by this in-your-face approach, growing more and more disillusioned by the disruption to their web experience. To get back in users’ good graces, an increasing number of brands have adopted a new strategy: native advertising.

Instead of blatantly attempting to make a sale, native ads hide in plain sight, looking and functioning like the organic content surrounding them. And it works! Here’s the proof: Research proves that users view native ads 53% more than banner ads. It also shows that 70% of consumers prefer to learn about products through relevant content rather than traditional ads.

Like most good things, though, native advertising doesn’t come for free. Its price tag ensures the content is strategically placed where the target audience will find it. But despite having to open their wallets, many big-name brands have gone native – with more poised to join them in 2019.

And while native advertising isn’t a brand-new concept, it has certainly made a comeback in recent years. In fact, studies show an estimated 200% increase innative ad spending in the U.S. between 2013 and 2015. Today, more than half of all digital display dollars are spent on native advertising. By this time next year, spend is expected to exceed $41 billion !

Native advertising’s rising popularity is just one trend we’ve got our eye on as we head into 2019. With our clients’ success as our first priority, the M2 team works hard to keep up with the latest and greatest industry developments. And we’re not opposed to setting a trend of our own…

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