fathers day 2022 image with father and son

Whether yours was in the delivery room or arrived on the scene later in life, we all have father figures worthy of celebration. That’s exactly what we’re doing this Father’s Day – M2 style, of course!

Our team rounded up a few of our favorite dad ads to not only highlight our love for the fellas in our lives, but to point out why great marketing makes a difference. The ads we selected truly stand out, so we also included a few tips to ensure your marketing does too.

Keep in mind that these tips are not only helpful for crafting campaigns targeted to dads, but successful ads in general. Check ‘em out!

Father’s Dad 2022: Best Dad Ads

Tip #1: Take an authentic approach.

By incorporating real video footage of dads doing what they do, Dove created compelling ads that nearly every family can relate to. Sometimes it’s best to skip the script and take a more organic approach, especially if your audience values authenticity above all else.

Tip #2: Tell a story.

Sure, there’s a time and place for concise, urgent messaging. But there’s incredible value in storytelling – setting the scene, engaging the audience, tying it all together with a memorable message. This Gillette ad does this beautifully by turning the simple act of shaving into a heartwarming tale.

Tip #3: Harness the hype.

The most clever, memorable ads are often tied to pop culture. For instance, this Star Wars-themed ad capitalized on the hype surrounding the franchise to send a special message to dads. Choosing fun themes that relate to trending topics is a great way to connect to consumers!

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And most of, because we can’t say it enough, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!