We survived Shark Week, but another adrenaline-packed time is upon us. No threat of great white attacks, but a frenzy all the same.

Auto Week.

For the unprepared, diving in can indeed feel like entering shark-infested waters – and marketing agencies have been known to lose a limb or two (or maybe just their dignity). But here at M2, our team has endured countless Auto Weeks. One a month for years, as a matter of fact.

Similar to the Discovery Channel fans who soak up every moment of waterlogged programming, our team is well acquainted with Auto Week. If you’re not, here’s the run-down: Car dealerships receive their monthly promotions from corporate, including the brand’s national sales event name and logo that must be used in all advertising (if they want to be reimbursed by co-op). This information is relayed to us during the first week of the month, and as soon as we’ve received it, our Creative Team gets to work.

Our copywriters, graphic designers and production pros work quickly to turn “$10,000 off a Chevy Silverado!” into a creative work of art, from TV commercials and pre-roll videos to direct mail pieces and email blasts. With the provided sales theme as our guide, we craft ads that get shoppers on the lot – and new cars off of it.

Turnarounds during Auto Week are always tight, but that doesn’t mean we’d ever present a client with an ad that we’re not proud of. It just means that we work hard, work smart and of course, work together. We wouldn’t call ourselves adrenaline junkies, but there’s a certain energy in the office when our team is simultaneously pushing toward a goal…and we don’t hate it.

The ocean’s predators have swum out of the spotlight, and it’s time for your brand to take their place. But if you feel like you’ve bit off a little more than you can chew, let us help! From defining your brand to refining its message, M2 has got you covered. Get in touch today!