Aside from the potential health impacts, COVID-19 could have a frightening effect on candy companies. With fewer families planning to go door to door, folks aren’t stocking up on sweets quite like they used to.

That’s not to say that Halloween is canceled! In fact, one poll by the National Confectioners Association revealed that 74% of millennial moms believe Halloween is more important than ever this year

Instead of trick-or-treating, many families are finding creative ways to celebrate. Family movie nights, virtual costume contests, scavenger hunts and socially distanced outdoor events are all the rage this year, giving candy sales a fighting chance to rebound.

The proof is in the polls, with 80% of Americans reporting that they “can’t imagine Halloween without chocolate and candy.” And that’s excellent news for brands like Hershey that count on Halloween to contribute about one tenth of their yearly profit.

But the same strategies won’t work this year. Images of unmasked kiddos thrusting their hands into a bowl of treats just won’t resonate with health-conscious consumers in the midst of a global pandemic.

Candy companies, like most businesses, have been forced to pivot – and change the way they’re connecting to consumers. Brands like Hershey have made a big digital push, employing targeted social media ads that feature people enjoying Halloween at home or donning masks designed for safety, not spooks.

Here at Motivated Marketing, our Creative Team has put our own quarantine-themed spin on classic candy taglines.

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