Most Americans spend just 16 minutes eating a meal that took, on average, 7 hours to prepare. It’s hard to feel an ounce of regret when your taste buds are rejoicing, though. The moment those mashed potatoes reach your lips, the pinkie finger you almost lost to the peeler seems like a worthy sacrifice.

While there are exceptions, of course, most folks don’t spend their Thanksgiving meal feeling annoyed that they were marching around their kitchen hours before parade participants flooded NYC streets. They don’t even particularly mind that a few of their dinner guests proved to be flakier than the pie crust they spent an hour making.

Because when the results are great, the hard work that went into creating them is worth it.  That’s how we feel here at Motivated Marketing! Our team arrives early and stays late to get the job done. And not just done, but done right. Done in a way that exceeds our clients’ expectations, leaving them eager to see what we’ll create next.

Here are a few of our favorite video projects from this year:

While we’re grateful year ‘round to have such an awesome team – AND awesome clients – we often forget to say thanks! Sometimes it takes a day dedicated to family, friends and food to remind us to slow down and appreciate all we have to be thankful for.


If you liked the samples we shared, get in touch with us today! By next Thanksgiving, we’d love to count you as one of the clients we’re thankful for.