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Health-conscious diners delight over the farm-to-table options available on menus today, willing to pay top dollar for the freshest ingredients. But going organic offers benefits to businesses outside the food industry.

We’re talkin’ organic social, of course. You know, the free content you share on your social media platforms. (Although you’re welcome to drink as much green juice as you please.)

How Important is Organic Search Really?

ƒOrganic search peaking your interest – well let us explain more shall we!

Our team has seen incredible growth for brands that added organic to the social media mix. From car dealerships and medical specialists to attorneys and local eateries, nearly every client on our list has benefitted from going organic.

Some naysayers doubt the relevancy of organic social in today’s ad-mosphere, claiming it has no place in a marketing world where results often come with a price tag attached. While paid media is undoubtedly important, organic social plays a critical supporting role. Keep in mind that there were nearly FOUR BILLION active social media users in 2020, with the number growing every hour. 36% of American Instagram users follow brands and companies, with other platforms close behind – so you’ve got an attentive audience waiting!

Still skeptical? Here’s how organic social can help grow your brand!

4 Reasons Organic Social Media Marketing is Important in 2023

Reinforces brand values.
Organic social is the perfect way to communicate your values and build brand awareness. This approach feels more authentic and less sales-y, so consumers can connect with it in a way that they often can’t with paid media. In fact, 90% of consumers claim that authenticity helps determine which brands they support. By consistently reminding consumers of who you are and what you stand for, you’ll establish a trusted relationship between your brand and its buyers.

Puts creativity in the spotlight.
Organic social gives your brand the freedom to get creative. Our team jumps at the opportunity to design eye-catching organic campaigns, and our clients can’t get enough! Whether we’re engaging consumers with the latest digital trends or highlighting a specific holiday, our design gurus produce social ads that users can’t help but share.

Makes a memorable first impression.
Organic social media is a great way to introduce your brand to a new audience. Did you know that 58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media pages before their website? That means that a strong organic presence can turn potential customers into loyal ones!

Keeps your brand top of mind.
Because organic posts are fee-free, even brands with the tightest ad budgets can afford to post regularly. By consistently appearing on social users’ newsfeeds, your brand remains top of mind – no matter where consumers find themselves on their buying journey. Plus, organic social invites engagement, so consumers feel welcome to ask questions or join the digital conversation.

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