This past month, a few of our team members were lucky enough to attend a local workshop on Brush Lettering. The class was held in beautiful Old Village, Mount Pleasant by the ever-so-talented Danielle Fabrega, also known as “The Town Serif.” We sipped rosé under the trees and watched the sun sink below the horizon while crafting our upstrokes and developing our own signature style. 

Much like signing your name, calligraphy is unique to each person. You naturally have your own style, but can tweak and modify it for each unique project. This is the beauty of modern lettering: there are no rules. 

So why did we take this class? We’re glad you asked. First and foremost, we love typography. But even more so, we love utilizing new and exciting techniques in our designs. By further developing our lettering style, we feel confident that our clients will benefit.

From wedding invitations to company signage, hand illustrations are popping up everywhere. We are even seeing some big-name brands, such as Smuckers, Starbucks and Ford, starting to use them in print advertisements.

After learning so much during our workshop, we are excited to keep practicing and perfecting our Brush Lettering skills. We will be seeking new opportunities to put this technique to work for our clients, so stay tuned!