It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so we would like to take a moment to celebrate the Motivated Mommies of M2…and our favorite momvertising moments.

Jillian Inness – Mom of 4 – Billing Coordinator


Jillian’s gorgeous children







“I remember seeing this commercial for Johnson & Johnson when I was in the ‘thick’ of my kids being very little. I was having a down moment from pure exhaustion and I saw this commercial. It made me cry, but it also made me realize all of the little ways that your kids tell you that they love you. It also reminded me that I was doing okay and that everything was going to be fine.”

Campaign: You’re Doing Ok, Mom!


Michaela Butterbaugh – 1st baby due May 20th, 2015 – Jr. Account Manager


How adorable is she?

“I haven’t even had my kid and everyone has an opinion on how to raise my kiddo! Even strangers! I like the humor of this campaign and the end message – we are parents first, no matter what our beliefs. The campaign reminds us to embrace mothers who choose to embrace motherhood.”

Campaign: Sisterhood of Motherhood


Amanda Wolfe – Mom of 1 – Director of Administrative Services

Amanda & baby Annabelle

Amanda & baby Annabelle

“This one gives me the feels. I’m really close with my mom and it just makes me look forward to watching Annabelle grow up the same way she must have done with me. *sniff, sniff*”

Campaign: View From The Child Seat


Laura McKinnon – Mom of 3, Grandmother of 1 (and another due May 15, 2015) – Media Supervisor


Laura's "babies"

Laura’s “babies”

“This commercial is simply beautiful. It reminds me of my own Mother, who we remember fondly each Mother’s Day.”

Campaign: Love Letter to Mom


Kristin Smith – Mom of 1 (and another due June 30, 2015) – Director of Operations


Spencer and Kristin

“I’m currently pregnant, so putting together this blog post and watching all these videos has turned me into a blubbery mess. For that reason, I’m choosing an ad campaign that brings a little comic relief. Parenting is amazing, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, but it’s not always pretty. I like how Clorox embraced that aspect.”

Campaign: Bleach It Away

Hats off to all the Moms out there on this day and every day! We salute you!