Football season is back. From peewee to professional, this time of year is all about the pigskin.

If you tuned in to regular season NFL games last year, you were one of nearly 16 million viewers. That’s A LOT of cheering, chest bumping and yes, trash talking. And like our spirits each time the kickoff countdown begins, ratings received a boost from the previous season. Not surprisingly, ad revenue followed suit, gaining almost 4%.

But perhaps more noteworthy than our excitement over seeing our favorite teams take the field, is that the National Football League is celebrating its 100th season! In honor of the occasion, Motivated Marketing rounded up some interesting statistics.

Brands Get in the Game

2018 Season Stats

  • A :30 TV ad during Sunday Night Football costs a whopping $665,000.1
  • Brands spent $280 million in TV advertising during Opening Weekend.2
  • Opening Weekend Top Spenders: Toyota, GM & Verizon2

Spectators Stay Loyal

The Average NFL Fan Reports3

  • 46 hours/month spent thinking, talking, reading about favorite team
  • 79% consider themselves fans from birth
  • 84% drop everything to watch their favorite team play

M2’s Playbook

Our Approach to TV Marketing

  • Don’t leave it up to a coin toss.
    It’ll take some strategic plays to ensure marketing success – and we can help! Our experienced team has plenty of Ws on our record, and we’d love to formulate a customized play book for your brand.
  • Stay consistent from start to end zone.
    Once you’ve launched an ad campaign with a seasonal theme or incentive, be sure to establish cohesion across platforms. If your brand’s voice and messaging on air don’t match what consumers find online, it’s difficult for a campaign to gain traction – and get results.
  • Stay on the offensive.
    It’s important to stand out, always one move ahead of the competition. Keep current by staying up to date on the latest industry trends and technology.

To talk more about how your brand can get off the bench and into the marketing game this season, get in touch! There are no second stringers on Motivated Marketing’s team, and we’re eager to put our experience to work for you. Email or call 843.856.7322 today!