M2 Puts Some Heart in Our Hustle

1 in 8 women in the U.S. will hear the terrifying, life-altering words, “You have breast cancer,” in her lifetime. And every 13 minutes, one of these women will lose her hard-fought battle.

If current trends continue, breast cancer will claim 13 million lives in the next 25 years. The number is staggering, but if you’ve lost a mother, a sister, a wife to breast cancer, you know that even one life lost is too many. Sometimes, the best way to take a stand is to move your feet.

That’s why Motivated Marketing participated in the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure on Saturday. We donned our signature M2 green bandannas, laced up our sneakers and joined thousands of other South Carolinians in a movement to end breast cancer, once and for all. Some walked, some ran, but each step of the 5k was taken in support of finding a cure.

The Race for the Cure has raised over $2 billion nationally, and Lowcountry racers certainly did their part, raising $108,560.46. And the most exciting part? 75% of the funds raised stay right here in our community to fund screening, diagnosis and treatment. The rest of the money is pooled with funds raised across the nation, focused on developing early detection technologies, better treatment and a deeper understanding of the disease and its prevention.

We can only hope that by next year, participants across the country will be racing in celebration of a cure.