Our country is hemmed in by coastal towns, but not many compare to Charleston. The finest food, the kindest folks, the most beautiful sights. Watch the sun set over the marshland just once if you think you’re immune to the Lowcountry’s charm.

Even without the tourists here to tell us, we all know how lucky we are to call Charleston home. That’s why we do our best to give back to the community we love. In the last year or so, our team has organized a beach cleanup, partnered with Toys for Tots, donated to a hurricane relief organization and even collected pet supply donations.

A few members of our M2 family also volunteer regularly at MUSC Children’s Health, spending time with some of the cutest kiddos around. Each week they don their blue aprons, clip on their name tags and walk down the hospital’s brightly-painted hallways. Upon arrival, they’re given an assignment. A random name and room number quickly transform into a real person as soon as volunteer and patient meet. And then the fun begins!

Most evenings are spent in the Atrium, a colorful, sunlit room tailor-made for creativity, learning and laughter. Just a few steps away from an easel lies a shelf stuffed with books for all ages. Not far from the reading nook is an area specifically designed for teenagers, complete with video games and a “Selfie Station.”

For our volunteers, one evening might be spent racing from one activity to the next in the Atrium. Another evening might bring the opportunity to play board games or make crafts. Yet another might be spent cuddling an infant whose parents are taking a quick dinner break.

No matter where our volunteers spend their time, they leave knowing that every minute was well spent – and feeling amazed that giving can make your heart so full.