Problem solving. Brain scrambling. Head scratching.

But most importantly, team building.

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity, popping up all over the country and stumping even the brainiest participants with cryptic clues and jumbled codes. The challenge is to solve the puzzles and escape the room before the 60 minutes run out.

What better way to foster unity and collaboration than locking people in a small room together and putting on the pressure? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either …

We’re of the slightly biased opinion that our team is the most brilliant around, but we knew some brain food would be required for peak code-cracking performance. Since we firmly believe that taco bars go well with everything (margaritas, first and foremost), we stuffed our tortillas, then our stomachs, before heading out.

Once we arrived, our crew split into three teams, put on our game faces and channeled our inner escape artists. The consensus: This was going to be epic. And as usual, we weren’t wrong.

In the end, all three teams escaped successfully! Each room had a different theme, but the team locked in the Zombie Room escaped with the most time to spare. There’s nothing like the threat of a zombie apocalypse to kick your problem-solving skills into high gear.

Solving problems is something we do every day here at Motivated Marketing. Just ask our clients. No matter how miniscule or monstrous, we’re always available to find solutions to a problem. Most don’t involve the undead, but zombie uprising or not, we’ve got you covered.