The dog days of summer are upon us.

And despite the heat and humidity that leave even the most seasoned Southerners panting, there’s simply nothing like summertime in the Lowcountry. The M2 team takes every opportunity to enjoy our sun-soaked city when we’re off the clock, savoring the shade under the ancient oaks downtown or beating the heat at the beach.

The term “dog days of summer” – defined as the particularly sweltering stretch between July 3rd and August 11th – is rooted in astronomy, in fact. It refers to the period of time when the sun and the star Sirius share the same part of the sky. Sirius, a part of the Canis Major or “Greater Dog” constellation, is nicknamed the Dog Star. Hence the “dog days of summer!”

But the phrase takes on another meaning here at Motivated Marketing. One that’s a little less scientific … and a whole lot more furry. The best part? Every day is a dog day in our office!

Our pups inspire us to work hard …

And to celebrate alongside our clients when that hard work pays off.

They’ve taught us the value of working together …

And taking a little break to recharge.

We only wish we looked this adorable doing it.

It might sound like boasting – and it is, if we’re honest – but we’re proud to be a doggo-friendly agency! Letting our four-legged co-workers roam free allows our imaginations to do the same. And after seeing the creative we produce, our clients will be the first to tell you that our approach works! The puppy love they get during a visit to our office sure doesn’t hurt either.

To learn more about our approach, one that’s equal parts strategy and stellar creative, get in touch today! Email or call 843.856.7322.

We wouldn’t blame you if you just stopped by for a quick game of fetch either. We’re confident you’ll stick around once you see what our awesome team can do. Just be sure you arrive with a pocket full of treats.