With so many oversized imaginations under one roof, communication can get a little tricky at advertising agencies. With big ideas just a brainstorm session away, it’s easy to get swept up in a swirl of inspiration – and to sometimes let the small stuff fall through the cracks. That’s why creative briefs are essential. They quite literally keep everyone on the same page (or two).

To keep a project moving efficiently from one department to the next, creative briefs serve as the preferred method of agency communication, the agreed-upon dialect that prevents the finer details from getting lost in translation.

Creative briefs vary from agency to agency, but regardless of format or layout, they map out the client’s preferences, objectives and goals. For instance, a brief for a TV commercial includes everything the Creative Team needs to write the script and produce the spot as well as the details the Media Team needs to ensure the finished product is actually delivered. And if the brand expects co-op reimbursement, those requirements are listed on the brief, too.

An incorrect brief results in wasted time – missed-out-on minutes that most agencies can’t afford to spare. And because we refuse to send a client an ad that’s less than our best, our Account Managers do their very best to ensure they pass along the most accurate information. Information like this:

  • Who is the target audience/ideal customer?
  • What tone will be used? Does the brand already have an established voice?
  • What is the campaign’s overall goal?
  • What is its preferred platform/medium?
  • How long will the ad run?
  • What is the budget for production, voice overs, shoots, etc?
  • Are there any co-op requirements or sizing/time restrictions?
  • When is a finished product due?

While we make mistakes every now and then (WE’RE HUMAN, OKAY?), we’ve learned that it’s much easier to correct a typo on a brief than to redo an entire project. Like a :30 script written for a :15 time slot. Or a newspaper ad that features the wrong sales event. Or a radio spot with last month’s incentives.

To some, cramming all of our team’s creativity into one building sounds a bit like an ill-fatedsocial experiment…or a reality show – minus the tuxedoed host and choreographed catfights. But a promise to abandon our egos at the door makes for a work environment that is fast-paced and fun, more like a creative playground than a structured, stodgy office. Plus, there’s always a dog or two around.

If you’d like to sit down and talk more about Motivated Marketing’s creative process, we’d love to hear from you! And you know what we’d love even more? Helping you take your brand to the next level. Give us a buzz today!