Maybe you inherited her eye for fashion. Or her button nose.

Chances are she passed on her love for 80s hair bands. Or the untamable curls that you can’t rock quite like she does.

Perhaps you share her love for fresh-baked bread. Or the slow metabolism that makes you steer clear of it.

Whether the traits we received from our moms are the result of nature or nurture, there’s no denying that the women who raised us had a profound impact on the people we are today. And while it seems foolish to only celebrate these influential women once a year, brands large and small have ensured that Mother’s Day doesn’t slip by unnoticed.

In fact, an estimated $2.5 billion was spent to peddle their products last year – and Mother’s Day marketing will likely claim at least that much of brands’ budgets this May. Their efforts were certainly rewarded, with shoppers spending an estimated $23.6 billion on Mom in 2017.

Jewelry stores? Yes. Florists? No question. Stationary stores? Of course.

But less obvious brands, the ones that shoppers don’t necessarily associate with the holiday, launch Mother’s Day ad campaigns each year. Their goal is to engage consumers and start the conversation, even if their product won’t be unwrapped by Mom on her special day. Brilliant!

Still skeptical? Watch this Minute Maid commercial that’s as sweet as the juice they squeeze. Not convinced yet? Check this out: Lysol chose an unlikely cast to prove that germs are just one danger that mothers protect us from.

Some other brands got in on the action, too, in ways that can only be described as …uh, creative. Check out KFC’s romance novel-inspired Mother’s Day ad and the Skittles spot that stuck in viewers’ minds more than the candies do to their hands.

From the heartwarming to the haunting, these ads prove that marketers play a major role in helping folks celebrate Mom. So whether you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas or an innovative strategy for your marketing campaign, we’d love to help! Get in touch today!