The holiday season, with its twinkling lights and jingling bells, is a time wrapped in magic – and paper and ribbons and bows. Not only is this festive time of year a busy one for shoppers, but for the brands they’re buying, too.

The consumers that crowd malls and shops are often lulled into a state of merriment by the ever-present strains of Frosty the Snowman, filling their carts and swiping their credit cards without a second thought.

It’s easy for marketers to fall into the same trap, doing what feels comfortable and familiar until they’re stuck in a Rudolph-shaped rut. Some agencies will recycle holiday campaigns from years past, while other just stick to the tried-and-true messaging that has essentially become white noise.

The best marketers, however, take a cue from the Little Drummer Boy and march to their own beat. They pursue creativity instead of complacency, and launch original advertising campaigns that dare to challenge the status quo. Campaigns that shake consumers from their holiday haze. Campaigns that get the kind of results even Santa’s top elf couldn’t craft.

To emphasize the value of marketing to the beat of your own drum, M2 put an original (and festive) spin on some iconic music artists’ names!

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