Mom car.

The words likely conjure memories of your own childhood vehicle. Some of us skipped out of school and boarded boastfully, proud to be picked up in a stylish SUV. Others hung our heads in shame, slinking toward our minivan in all its snack-strewn, crumb-crusted glory. 

But we’ll unpack the lingering parent pick-up loop trauma another day. (Or better yet, maybe we’ll leave that to your therapist.)

Today’s children know nothing about this particular brand of heartache. The most popular “Mom cars” are now sleek and sporty, often equipped with comfortable third row seating, advanced infotainment systems and dual climate control. Talk about an upgrade.

Backseat-sitters have never experienced the agony of long road trips, their sibling’s elbow lodged in their ribs. And dual climate control? Ha. Two windows don’t count. Perhaps we’re just bitter, but it sure seems like this generation of ankle-biters has it pretty darn good.

So, to celebrate the car brands that cater to modern Moms, we scoured the web for the best Mother’s Day ad the automotive industry has to offer. See what you think!

Whether they sat behind the wheels of severely uncool vehicles or the fanciest rides around, we’re so grateful for the mothers in our lives! Here are some pictures of our Motivators and their mommas.

From our M2 family, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!