With another round of Presidential elections looming in 2016, our media department is busier than ever. Planning and strategy are especially key during political years. Political figures flood markets with advertising dollars, and in a supply and demand marketplace, clients that are not prepared tend to suffer extreme consequences. There are many things to think about when heading into 2016.

What do clients need to know?

  • The onset of political and issue dollars flooding local markets will have significant effects on local advertisers.
  • It is not at all uncommon for local advertisers to face an uphill battle when trying to keep their media buys on the air. As advertisers are bumped off of TV, they will allocate their advertising dollars toward other mediums. The only way to win this fight is to proactively develop a media strategy far in advance that is exceptionally sound and resilient.
  • It has been estimated that the 2016 Presidential race will inject $5 billion dollars into advertising markets throughout U.S. More than ever, advertisers will be competing against each other for the inventory that will be lost or bought out by campaign funds. Political advertising dollars will continue on into the busy holiday season, subsequently driving up rates and maintaining significant pressure on station inventories for months to come.

How can the Motivated Marketing Media Team help your business get ready for election years?

  • One way we prepare is by gathering the information necessary to plan ahead. The more information we have, the more we can leverage it to your advantage during the negotiation phase. Be ready to discuss your goals and marketing approach well in advance of the upcoming year.
  • When preparing for election seasons, planning out and buying media far in advance is critical. The sooner a media buy is placed, the more protected your buy will be. Its not much different than making a dinner reservation on Valentines Day; you can gamble and arrive at the last second, or you can call ahead and assure that your night will go off as planned.
  • During election years, our media department is even more strategic with placement. They look for dayparts or mediums that may not be as over-crowded, but will still allow the client to shine. Narrowing your target demographic to focus on your core audience can be a fantastic option during political years. You may cast a smaller net, but make a bigger impact.
  • Creativity is the key to maximizing effectiveness. During this time, viewers will be subjected to an excessive amount of media noise. A good media buy will reach its potential only when there is strong, memorable creative attached to it.

What are some key dates to know when advertising during election years?

  • Presidential Primaries begin January 2016. The Iowa caucuses will lead the way followed shortly thereafter?by the New Hampshire Primary, the South Carolina Primary, and the Nevada caucuses.
  • The Republican National Convention is scheduled to take place July 18th through July 21st, 2016. The Democratic National Convention will take place July 25th through July 28th, 2016.
  • Currently, both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee have sanctioned debates between candidates to begin August 2015.
  • The presidential debates between the Republican and Democratic nominees for President will be scheduled for?September and October 2016.

Do you have questions about how to best prepare for 2016? Give us a call at 843-856-7322 or email us at info@motivatedmarketing.com