couple and pet watching dog commercials

There’s nothing like a wet nose or a wagging tail to put a smile on your face. That’s what we’ve found here at Motivated Marketing at least! This highly unscientific opinion is validated each time a client walks through our doors and is greeted by one of our canine co-workers. So say what you want about our research methods, but it’ll take some serious convincing to change our opinion that DOGS ARE THE BEST.

And what better time to celebrate the beloved pups in our lives than National Dog Day? So you’ll find us doing just that today – and every other day too … We’ll pause the tummy scratches and snuggles long enough to share a few insights, though.

As it turns out, dogs not only have a place in American’s hearts and homes, but in our marketing campaigns too! The best brands agree, using dog-inspired ads to add humor, sentimentality, or plain ‘ole “cute factor.”

That’s right, man’s best friend is also marketers’ best friend, now taking center stage in many campaigns. We’ve highlighted a few bark-worthy brands here, so just push play!

Popular Dog Commercials, You Will LOVE

Weiner Stampede by HEINZ Ketchup


This commercial wins on adorableness alone. By wrapping a breed that already resembles a hot dog in a bun costume, Heinz proved that their condiments are the perfect companion for your favorite grilled meal.

Dog Tested, Dog Approved by Subaru


Subaru introduced its “Dog Family” campaign years ago, much to drivers’ delight. They have continued to build upon in, proving that there’s no shortage of canine-inspired content. Known for supporting shelters and pet-focused charities, Subaru also puts their love for dogs into action.

Feed the Good by Pedigree





While it’s no surprise that this popular dog food brand features canines in their campaigns, their approach is noteworthy. Pedigree’s commercials focus not on the food itself, but the impact that proper nutrition makes – for dogs and the families they’re a part of.

Bullseye by Target

Target’s mascot, Bullseye, made his big debut in 1999. Still a symbol of the company today, this white bull terrier helps bring the brand to life. For a brand that sells virtually everything, choosing a recognizable mascot that families nationwide can connect with was a genius move.

Speaking of genius moves, if you’re considering one of your own, M2 can help! Whether you’re interested in refreshing your brand or launching a brand-new campaign, our marketing specialists stand at the ready.

To learn more about M2’s marketing approach or to schedule a visit to our dog-friendly office, just get in touch!

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