And Your Approach to Audience Engagement

If you’re anything like us, you were thrilled to hear that Sunday marked the end of Daylight Saving Time – and the start of a much better Monday, thanks to that blessed extra hour of sleep.

Despite the additional time spent slumbering, there’s a good chance your audience could still use a wake-up call. Between school drop-offs, hectic work schedules and an endless list of errands, folks today are exhausted – and distracted. Not a good combination for marketers.

As we reset our clocks, let’s also reset our way of thinking about audience engagement. Here’s how brands can present a message in a fresh, memorable AND informative way:

      1. Accept the inevitable.

According to the experts, a human’s attention span is about 8 seconds – shorter than a goldfish’s. No matter how stunning the marketing material, there’s a good chance the viewer’s eye will wander in less time than it takes your finned friend to take a lap around the tank.

      2. Make an impression – fast.

Here’s the good news: Remember the 8 second rule? Studies show that first impressions are made in the first 7 seconds. With only a single second to spare, it’s critical to get the most important information out there quickly. This could look different ways depending on the industry or medium. But no matter the client, at Motivated Marketing, concise is our middle name.

      3. Create a sense of urgency.

Hiring an announcer to knock on doors and bellow, “Hurry in now!” is one approach. But there are more subtle, and more effective, ways to rouse your audience to action. For instance, a TV spot may combine upbeat music, eye-catching graphics and an energetic voiceover to grab a viewer’s attention. Our production team walks a tightrope-thin line to get pacing just right, choosing talent that doesn’t speedread, but doesn’t put viewers to sleep, either.

      4. Drive the message home.

Once your audience is drawn in, they’re more receptive to your call to action. Whether that’s an address to visit, a phone number to call or a button to click, this is your last chance to turn a potential client into a loyal one. Remember: come out of the gate strong, then reiterate your message again at the end.

      5. Review the results.

Sales, click-through rates and page views are valuable pieces of data that can – and should – be used to influence your marketing strategy moving forward. Our Media Team can crunch data with the best of ‘em, and then devise a plan of attack that’ll get you the most bang for your buck.

Resetting the clocks presents a great opportunity to reset our minds, too. Here at Motivated Marketing, we’re constantly thinking of innovative ways to communicate our clients’ messages. If it seems like your audience has been hitting the snooze button – or worse, the dreaded one labeled “Skip Ad” – give us a call.