Instagram has changed the way people see the world, putting a flattering filter on shutterbugs’ favorite moments. But the social media platform is much more than a glorified photo album. It’s a way for users all over the world to not only view content, but to join the digital conversation.

It seems that many brands are hanging on to some outdated notions, though, unconvinced of Instagram’s benefits. Here at M2, we recognize the opportunities that Instagram advertising presents, and a few of our clients have seen the results firsthand!

We could talk about our love for the ‘Gram all day, but we decided to put a few myths to the test instead.

Myth: Instagram’s audience doesn’t have much buying power.

Truth: If you think Instagram is just for teens, travel bloggers and foodies, it’s time to check the facts. Instagram has captured the attention of more than one third of American adults’ attention and more than 32% of its users are 35 or older. This 35+ demographic includes the often overlooked Gen X (aged 35 to 55), a group with more spending power than any other generation.

Myth: Instagram users just want to follow their friends and favorite celebrities.

Truth: Another false assumption! In fact, 80% of users follow at least one business – and 70% have looked up a brand on Instagram. And there’s more! 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded, proving that great marketing campaigns can make a huge digital impact.

Myth: Instagram doesn’t have much reach.

Truth: This one is laughable. But the potential missed opportunities? Not so much. Here’s the scoop: Since launching in 2010, Instagram has amassed about 80 million users – in the U.S. alone. The other 80% of its users are scattered across the globe. 

Myth: The competition isn’t using Instagram either.

Truth: Maybe this is true for now, but more and more businesses are catching on. Slightly less than half of them used Instagram in 2016, but just two years later, an estimated 71% have staked their claim on consumers’ newsfeeds. And did we mention that Instagram is growing FIVE TIMES faster than other social media platform?

Myth: Consumers will scroll right past a brand’s posts.

Truth: Nope. Not true. Research into Instagram’s best performing posts revealed that 65% of them featured products, reminding marketers that a healthy mix of informative and promotional posts keep an audience engaged.

Want to learn more? Our Digital Team speaks social media strategy fluently, and they’re eager to discuss what M2 can do for your brand! Give us a call – or an Instagram follow.