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Updated as of 3/2023

Instagram has changed the way people see the world, putting a flattering filter on shutterbugs’ favorite moments. But the social media platform is much more than a glorified photo album. It’s a way for users all over the world to not only view content, but to join the digital conversation. Truly, when it comes to Instagram marketing, you don’t want to miss out. 

Unfortunately, it seems that there are still some brands hanging on to some outdated notions, that the platform isn’t for them – they are wrong.

So, you’re unconvinced of Instagram’s benefits? Here at M2, we recognize the opportunities that Instagram advertising presents, and a few of our clients have seen the results firsthand!

We could talk about our love for the ‘Gram all day, but we decided to put a few myths to the test instead.

So, let’s get started!


Truth vs Fiction About Instagram

Myth 1: Instagram’s audience doesn’t have much buying power.

Truth: If you think Instagram is only for teenagers, travel bloggers, and foodies, you should take a look at the updated stats. It’s currently captured the attention of over one-third of adults in the United States, and more than 32 percent of its users are over 35. This includes the oft-overlooked Generation X (aged 35 to 55), who have more spending power than any other age group. So, in 2023, Instagram is proving to be more than just a millennial pastime.

Myth 2: Instagram users just want to follow their friends and favorite celebrities.

Truth: Another false assumption! It‘s a misconception that businesses are not on Instagram. Quite the contrary! Currently, 80% of users follow at least one business, and 70% have searched for a brand on the platform. What‘s more, 70% of hashtags are branded, showing that impressive marketing can have a big effect on the digital world.

Myth 3: Instagram doesn’t have much reach.

Truth: This one is laughable. It‘s truly incredible to think that, since it launched in 2010, Instagram has gained an impressive 80 million users in the United States alone. That‘s not to mention the other 80% of users around the world. In 2021 and beyond, it seems like Instagram will only continue to grow in popularity.

Myth 4: The competition isn’t using Instagram either.

Truth: Maybe this was true in 2016, but now, more and more businesses are joining the Instagram bandwagon. Back then, around half of companies were already present on the platform, but just two years later, an impressive 71% had made their presence known. What‘s more, Instagram is expanding at an astonishing rate five times faster than any other social media platform.

Myth 5: Consumers will scroll right past a brand’s posts.

Truth: Nope. Not true. Research into Instagram’s best performing posts revealed that 65% of them contain products. This proves that a wellbalanced blend of informational and promotional posts is essential for keeping users captivated. Marketers should take note of this.

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Key Things to Avoid on Instagram 

Not Having a Clear Strategy

Businesses often make a critical mistake when it comes to their Instagram presence: they lack a defined strategy. Without a clear plan in place, they don’t know how to reach their goals. 

To create a successful Instagram marketing strategy, start by identifying your target audience and learning about their interests and behaviors. Then, create content that resonates with them and build a content calendar to track when and how you’ll publish that content. Last, set goals for your Instagram marketing efforts and measure your progress against them. By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your social media objectives.

Not using Instagram’s built-in tools

Instagram has a bunch of tools and features that can help you make your posts better and get more people to see them. For instance, adding hashtags and location tags can give your posts an edge. Also, Instagram analytics can help you keep track of how your posts are performing and make decisions about your content based on the data. With all these options, you’re sure to get the most out of your posts.

Posting low-quality content

It’s essential to maintain a professional and engaging presence on Instagram. This means that you must use high-quality images and videos and edit them accordingly before posting. This includes adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation to the desired level, as well as cropping and resizing the images to fit Instagram’s standards. Improperly edited or low-quality content can be damaging to your brand and reduce engagement.

Overusing hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way to get your content seen by new people, but using too many of them can be a bad thing. Instagram’s system might think your post is spammy or not very good if you use too many hashtags. A better approach is to use a few hashtags that fit with your post. That way, you can reach your target audience without going overboard.

Posting inconsistently

Posting sporadically can be damaging to your engagement rate and make your followers less interested in your business. It is important to create a consistent posting plan and stick to it. This means posting at least once per day, at the same time every day, or maybe on specific days of the week. This way, your followers know when to expect posts from you and can stay engaged with your brand.

Ignoring your audience

Engagement is a back-and-forth conversation. If you don’t answer your followers’ comments and messages, they may become less interested in your brand. Therefore, it is essential to reply to comments and messages, and also to interact with your followers consistently.

Focusing too much on promotion

Promoting your products or services is important, but it’s not the only thing you should do on Instagram. You should also provide value for your followers. This could be in the form of helpful tips, insight into your business, or anything else your followers will find interesting. 

If you avoid the common Instagram posting mistakes and use the tips and strategies we’ve shared, you can make your presence more effective, increase engagement, and get more followers. Utilize Instagram’s tools, post great content regularly, interact with your followers, and focus on giving them something useful.

Inconsistent Branding

No business should make the mistake of inconsistent branding on Instagram. It’s important to ensure that your page reflects your brand’s visual identity, including colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic. Otherwise, your audience may be confused and your brand won’t be as recognizable. To avoid this, create a style guide for your brand’s visuals and use it consistently in all your posts. This will help form a strong and recognizable brand identity on the platform.

Ignoring Analytics

Businesses often make the mistake of not looking into their Instagram analytics. This is a shame because this data can provide great insight into how your followers are engaging with your content. For example, you can see which content is the most popular and which hashtags are driving engagement. Additionally, you can see which times of the day are the best for posting. To make sure you’re making the most of your analytics, try using a social media management tool like Hootsuite. This will help you track your performance over time so you can spot trends and make decisions that are based on data.

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Advantages vs Disadvantages of Using Instagram 

Advantages of Instagram

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that has numerous advantages. Some of the major benefits of Instagram are:

Massive Audience Reach: With an incredible 1 billion active users across the globe, Instagram provides an expansive audience, making it an ideal platform for businesses to bridge the gap and reach their target consumers. The sheer breadth of users provides ample opportunities for companies to engage and interact with their desired customer base.

Brand Awareness: Indeed, it is an awesome way to get people to know your brand. You can show off your products and services and build a relationship with your followers that feels more personal. With Instagram, it’s easier to spread the word about your business and get people interested.

Visual Appeal: Instagram is an incredibly visual platform that draws people in and allows them to share photos and videos. It’s an incredibly engaging platform that users really enjoy using, thanks to its visual appeal.

Influencer Marketing: Instagram has become a major source of influencer marketing, and a great opportunity for businesses. With its large user base, businesses can benefit from influencers with big followings and increase their reach, leading to more sales. Transitioning to Instagram can be a great way for businesses to boost their visibility and profits.

Analytics: Users are provided valuable insights that help businesses monitor their progress and make decisions based on data. With these analytics, businesses can keep track of how their content is performing, allowing them to make informed choices that could potentially lead to increased engagement and sales. Transition words like ‘with’ and ‘allowing’ help to provide a smoother flow to the sentence. Furthermore, a passive voice is used to emphasize the importance of analytics.


Disadvantages of Instagram

Using Instagram certainly has its advantages, but it also has some downsides that can’t be ignored. Here’s a look at some of the key drawbacks of Instagram:

Privacy Concerns: Recently, Instagram’s privacy policies have been the subject of considerable scrutiny, with some users worrying about their personal information being passed on to other companies. Many people have voiced their concerns, questioning whether their data is safe and secure on the platform. As a result, Instagram has taken steps to ensure that users’ data is kept private and secure, and are continually updating their privacy policies to ensure that users’ information is not shared with third-party companies.

Algorithm Changes: It can be difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest trends and changes on Instagram, as the platform’s algorithm is often changing. Transitioning from one trend to the next can be a challenge, as the algorithm’s constant alterations make it hard to stay up-to-date.

Inauthentic Engagement: Unfortunately, the platform places too much attention on vanity metrics like likes and followers, and this has caused an increase in fake engagement. In the long run, this could prove to be damaging for businesses. To avoid any potential harm, it is important to be aware of the negative effects of inauthentic engagement.

In Closing

To sum it up, social media is an essential part of any current marketing plan, and Instagram is a hugely popular option for companies to reach out to their audience. Still, there are lots of common missteps that businesses make when trying to build up their presence on the platform.

With any luck, we‘ve given you a better understanding of what to do and what not to do to be successful. If you‘re looking for more info, Motivated Marketing is a fullservice marketing service that offers a creative and talented team to run a successful social media campaign. To get started, just shoot us a message or call 843-856-7322 today!

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