After taking a hit financially on earnings in its 1st quarter as a public company, Snapchat’s solution to entice advertisers is a new step up from what they have previously offered. Where ads usually interrupt your viewing, these new features are designed to make your ad experience on Snapchat more fun and interactive than ever before.

3 ways Snapchat is creating a snazzy new ad experience:

  1. Sponsored World Lenses
    • Since recently introducing the World Lenses, which allow you to look around with your phone and see digital images floating around in your surroundings, now they are allowing this feature to be utilized by advertisers in the form of “Sponsored” World Lenses. These lenses/filters will be fun for the user, while also promoting their brand awareness and digital impressions.
    • Warner Bros. was the first to use this new lenses feature for promoting the release of their new movie, “Everything Everything” by creating a lens with graphic images that represent the highlights for the movie.
    • Netflix did the same thing here by subtly displaying their name in the world lenses to increase their brand awareness and impressions.
  1. Audience Lenses
    • Advertisers are now able to buy specific targets for their ads; instead of buying an entire nationwide demo you can now buy regionally targeted lenses. This feature will allow advertisers to buy a guaranteed number of impressions for a specific demo like age, gender, etc.

  1. Automated “Smart” Geofilter
    • These new filters automatically add information to the snap filter based on a user’s location. They can pinpoint anything from states to zip codes to colleges, and even all the way to specific neighborhoods. Pretty much anywhere a user goes has the ability to have an overlay filter that changes with their location.

As local advertisers, you can use a combination of these new lenses to help promote new offerings, improve brand awareness, and increase digital impressions. While Snapchat’s sole purpose is to bring in more ad money, we think it will still provide users with an interactive experience that is specifically targeted to them. Who doesn’t love a Snapchat filter that is centralized around you and recognizes exactly where you are!?! So go check out your Snapchat now to see what fun new ads and filters your area has to offer.

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Blog Credit to Brantley Easterling – Account Coordinator Extraordinaire