In today’s world, we as consumers are constantly inundated with advertisements. Whether it’s on television, radio, digital, print or one of many other mediums, we can’t escape them. But are those advertisements having an impact? In a recent article by Marketing Week, titled “60% of Contact Created by Brands is ‘Just Clutter’,” they say emphatically, NO! Here’s how they came to that conclusion: they “questioned 375,000 people across 33 countries” and people responded that “60% of content created is poor, irrelevant, or fails to deliver.” So, lets think about this -companies are marketing their brand/product everywhere, but a majority of people think what is being done is irrelevant or poor.

If all brands were aware that 60% of what they were doing was being received poorly, I think that would be quite alarming and cause them to seriously question their current marketing strategies. Especially because in the same study they found that there is “a 71% correlation between content effectiveness and a brand’s impact on the consumers’ personal well-being.” Which means that if a brand creates good content, consumers actually feel better, not only about themselves, but about the brand. If consumers feel better about a brand, potential outcomes for the brand improve.

So, which brand are you? Are you one of the 60% that just provides clutter? Or are you one of the minority that has great marketing that impacts your consumers and increases the KPIs of your business? No doubt that it is a tough, uncomfortable, in-your-face question to ask. But certainly, an important one, because if you are throwing money at marketing but just aren’t making an impact on consumers, then what’s the point?

If you are unsure under which category your brand falls, we would be happy to setup a time to get together to discuss your current strategy and how we can best communicate your brand to the benefit of consumers, thereby benefiting your bottom line.