Monday’s solar eclipse is expected to lure one million people to South Carolina, with Charleston bracing for the influx of sky-gazing visitors. Hotels have been booked solid for months, countless events are planned and solar eclipse glasses are selling like hotcakes.

Sure sounds like a lot of hoopla for an event that’ll last less than two minutes, huh?

Not exactly. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast was 1918, making Monday’s event the first in nearly a century. With its predicted path spanning the country, the highly-anticipated eclipse has certainly earned its nickname: The Great American Eclipse.

As we prepare to watch the moon block the sun’s rays, the M2 team couldn’t help but think of a few things that get in the way of a good marketing strategy. Just like the moon, these issues can prevent your campaign from really shining:

  • Lack of brand consistency: It’s important to nail down exactly what your company stands for, and then craft an overall message around that. This unifying concept will become your brand’s voice across all media, and if it’s done right, will be heard loud and clear by your audience.
  • Poor execution: Many of our clients have awesome ideas – or at least they look awesome in their heads. But creating graphics, social media content or videos is best left to the professionals. We’d love to hear your thoughts, then design a final product that’s better than you imagined.
  • Failure to connect with your audience: Getting your message to the right people is challenging, but the first obstacle is identifying your audience. Once you have your sights set on the target, M2 can craft ads that are sure to hit any bullseye.

With these tips in mind and the M2 team on board, your marketing strategy will be out of this world. Once you’ve tossed your solar eclipse glasses aside and gotten back to business, give us a call.