It’s more than a football game.

For spectators, it’s a national holiday of sorts. One that’s enthusiastically celebrated by an audience as wide as a linebacker’s shoulders, from die-hard fans who didn’t miss a game all season to entertainment lovers who’ve been making halftime performer predictions since summertime.

For players, it’s the realization of a lifelong dream. The moment many of them have been working toward since their first peewee practice. From touch to tackle to the national stage.

For marketers and the brands they partner with, the Super Bowl is an invaluable opportunity. One that, at $5 million a pop, they can’t afford to waste. That’s right, 30 seconds spots came with a $5 million price tag last year!

Like a disciplined team watching game tape, the best marketers analyze the best commercials. They watch the most clever and heartwarming ads to determine why they worked, why they created a buzz, why we’re still talking about them a year later.

Watch our three favorite ads from Super Bowl LII, and then check out the ways we’ve incorporated the brands’ plays into our own book.

Pick #1

Why it works:
As viewers meander in from the kitchen with a cold beer and a replenished plate of wings, they think they know exactly what to expect before the first pass is even thrown: 30 seconds of football players running plays while a deep-voiced VO delivers an inspiring message of perseverance and team pride. Well, the NFL’s Super Bowl ad certainly went off script – and their audience ate it up. It was unexpected, it was original. And it was funny.

Our take:Like the NFL’s ad that grabbed attention (and tucked it close to the chest), M2 took a similar approach when crafting this Vehicles Direct ad. It opens mundanely enough in a dentist’s office, but quickly takes a turn. Spoiler alert: it’s not an ad for dental services.


Pick #2

Why it works:Tide launched a campaign as fresh as the clothes it launders, making detergent funny in a way that only the beloved brand can. What made the commercials so brilliant, though, was the acknowledgement that they were advertisements. Instead of shying away from the obvious fact that the audience is indeed viewing an ad, Tide poked fun at it. The result? The campaign left an indelible mark – there’s a stain remover for that, you know – on viewer’s minds.

Our take: M2 took a stab at a similar concept, creating parodies of off-the-wall attorney commercials. Wild, wacky parodies opened the spots and were then contrasted with our client’s trustworthy, confident manner. The ads have gotten some great results, and we think you’ll see why.


Pick #3

Why it works: This ad, courtesy of Doritos and Mountain Dew, used famous faces (and voices) to introduce some tasty new products. The brands came up with a unique concept, chose their cast wisely and watched the magic unfold on set. We can only imagine they ended the shoot with the undeniably appropriate words, “That’s a (w)rap!” And that there were some pretty good snacks on set.

Our take: The rapper cast by M2’s production team hasn’t quite reached Missy Elliott status, but we’re privileged to regularly work with some ridiculously talented folks. We relied on one local rapper to make this ad, and our client was thrilled with the final product.

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