Have you ever compared the world of graphic design to a giant supermarket? Humor us for a minute.

Each and every day, new and “hip” products hit the shelves. There are trendy new vegetables scattered throughout the produce section and 500 new organic kombucha flavors calling your name. You might find yourself standing in aisle 4b, overwhelmed by the selection. Which nutrition trend is right for you? Is that new product really worth your money?

Lucky for you, we are here to help! Well, we probably can’t help you decide which flavor of kombucha to add to your cart, but we can certainly assist with choosing the current design trends that are right for your business. Plus, we know the best practices for incorporating them into your marketing strategy. And if we are being honest, we love a good coconut-lime kombucha around M2 … so maybe we can help with that after all.

But why are we comparing graphic design to grocery stores? Because the overwhelming addition of new goods to supermarket shelves mirrors the ever-changing, ever-evolving influx of trends and products graphic designers must wade through each day.  It’s our job to help determine which ones have staying power and which ones are as bland as that fake-meat chicken you are never going to buy again.

Check out our 5 favorite 2018 trends below!


What it is: One contrasting color halftone over another color halftone.

Grocery store status: Staple

We believe this trend earns its place in the “trend shopping list” right along with the bread and eggs. Normally created through a halftone printing process, one color is printed over another contrasting color to create a two-toned image.

•  Incorporates multiple colors into one design

•  Ensures typography stands out easily

  Looks very modern

Favorite example in the market: Spotify


What it is: Spectrum that ranges from soft pastel colors to abstract geometric shapes.

Grocery Store Status: Ice-cold bottle of Kombucha

Like the drink, this trend is not something we’d recommend for every client. That being said, these retro techniques are popping up everywhere, adding not only visual excitement to designs, but a touch of nostalgia, too. Vintage is back, baby!

•  Creates a unique look

•  Produces fun, exciting designs – perfect for one-off pieces

  Targets a specific emotion or sales theme (Ex: groovy 70s-themed event)

Favorite example in the market: Chobani


What it is: A color transition that gives depth to design.

Grocery Store Status: Adult beverage of choice

Gradients give life to the party – and they’re making a major comeback, emerging from the vault as a note-worthy trend in 2018.

•  Demands attention

  Gives designers flexibility to create a wide range of “looks and feels” (Ex: florals to portray femininity vs. automobiles and grunge textures for a more masculine feel)

• Ensures designs stand out in the crowd

Favorite example in the market: Apple


What it is: Fonts that are designed by hand, either by hand or digitally.

Grocery Store Status: Staple

A far cry from the uninspired fonts that live in every word processing program’s dropdown menu, hand lettering is another essential to creating visually appealing, unique designs.

•  Brings the necessary style and emotion into any design

•  Works great for a hand lettered design or hand lettered/script font

  Pairs beautifully with bold fonts

Favorite example in the market: Cheerios

What it is: Custom-created artwork that adds personality to a brand.

Grocery Store Status: Ice cream sundae

The options that illustration provides are as plentiful as the toppings at an ice cream parlor – although they’re admittedly not quite as delicious.

•  Brings text to life by conveying a message graphically

  Gives artists a chance to show off their skills

  Promotes brand consistency through the use of illustrated logos/characters

Favorite example in the market: MailChimp

We’re always game to discuss the latest and greatest design techniques – and to put them to work for our clients! If you’d like to give one of these graphic design trends a try, let’s talk!

The campaign examples posted are for illustration purposes only. Motivated Marketing is not affiliated or connected to listed brands or campaigns in any manner.