The mundane and the milestones.
The everyday and the once-in-a-lifetime.
The unremarkable and the unforgettable.

The most dedicated fathers are there through it all. Not perfect, but present. And more often than not, that’s enough. That’s plenty.

It’s high time we give dads credit for all they do. To show our appreciation for who they are – and who they’ve taught us to be. So M2 wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to the dads in our lives!

And since hugs can’t be FedExed and kisses get lost in the airwaves, our team hopes these sweet Father’s Day commercials do the trick. Get comfortable and let us present some of our favorite dad ads– dadvertising, if you will. Enjoy!

This fun McDonald’s ad highlights all the sacrifices a daddy makes for his daughter – except of course, foregoing his crispy chicken sandwich for his little girl’s nugget.

This ad is a huge shout-out to “all the men who were there to care,” the ones who stepped up and stepped in.

Snack brands are often known for fun and whimsical advertising, but this Oreo ad is filled with a sweetness only rivaled by the cookies themselves.

RAM, the truck brand known more for mud and grit than warm and fuzzy, takes a stunningly soft approach here. And it certainly paid off.

Stella Artois wraps up our ode to fatherhood, gently reminding folks that, in today’s tech-centric world, IRL is always best.

And again, since we can never say it enough …