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Some brands question the relevance of SEO in today’s market – one that seems to continually look to the future for the next big thing. But to the brands that doubt the impact those three little letters can make, M2 recommends reconsidering.

Our SEO specialists have seen the incredible results that effective search engine optimization provides. Countless clients have enjoyed the fruits of our team’s labor, with their content moving up in the ranks. Read on to learn more about how SEO can grow your business!

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO Marketing

Reason #1: Move Your Audience Along the Marketing Funnel
SEO allows you to target your audience where they are, whether they’re meeting your brand for the first time or ready to heed your call-to-action. Every aspect of their online experience must cater to their unique needs and encourage them to move to the next phase of the funnel. This progression must be seamless, though, so that potential consumers/clients do not feel that they are being “sold.”

Reason #2:  Increase Sales and Revenue
Website traffic is one thing, but if your online visitors are clicking away without taking any action, you might need a magnifying glass to spot any real results. That’s where a skilled SEO specialist comes in! Our team performs extensive keyword research to not only increase clicks but the kind of traffic that converts.

Reason #3: Improve Page Rank
While high-quality SEO marketing takes a practiced hand, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. A few tweaks of title tags, meta descriptions and alt tags can make a major impact, improving your brand’s ranking in Google SERP.

Reasons #4: Stay Up to Date on the Latest Techniques
It’s clear that SEO isn’t going anywhere. While strategies may change and new techniques emerge, SEO is a permanent fixture in the marketing world. Staying up to date – and ahead of the competition – requires a strong SEO strategy.

Reason #5: Enjoy Big Benefits at a Small Cost
Despite the huge benefits that many brands enjoy, SEO is very budget friendly. Just think of any costs as a long-term investment in your company’s future!

Is SEO dead? Is Using SEO Still Helpful in 2022?

If you think SEO belongs six feet under, we’ve got news for you. But first, change out of those funeral clothes … Search engine optimization remains an effective digital marketing tool in 2022. A revamped approach may be necessary as Google algorithms update, but SEO ain’t goin’ anywhere.

So why are some folks convinced that SEO is a thing of the past? Probably because the quick fixes and sneaky hacks that once worked can no longer fool Google. Gone are the days of trusting machine-generated content and spam links to rise to the top of the search results.

We’ve ushered in a new era of SEO – one that requires the naysayers to actually do some real work to earn their ranking. Hey, we never said great SEO was easy! But we did promise to handle it all for you. Contact M2 today to get started!

Will AI Help or Hurt Marketing? 

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AI is a form of technology that emulates the intelligence of humans. It can assess data, detect patterns, and make decisions based on this data. This can be used to improve SEO strategies, and here are some of the ways AI can help businesses with their marketing campaigns: 

  1. Automating ad targeting to the correct audience. 
  2. Personalizing customer outreach for a more effective impact. 
  3. Optimizing website content for better search engine rankings. 
  4. Analyzing customer data for more effective marketing. 
  5. Gaining insights about the target audience and their preferences. 
  6. Generating content that is more personalized for customers. 
  7. Automating customer service for faster customer support. 
  8. Identifying customer preferences for better marketing strategies. 
  9. Measuring marketing campaign success more accurately. 
  10. Automating lead generation process for better results. 

AI is still quite new, but it has already had a huge impact on businesses and SEO. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more advanced techniques and tools for improving SEO and digital marketing.

How AI can improve your SEO strategy

  1. Keyword research: AI tools can help you identify the most relevant keywords for your business by analyzing search trends and user behavior.
  2. Content optimization: AI-powered content optimization tools can analyze your content and suggest changes to improve its relevance and readability.
  3. Link building: AI can help you identify high-quality backlink opportunities by analyzing the content of other websites and identifying relevant keywords.
  4. Rank tracking: AI-powered rank tracking tools can help you monitor your search engine rankings and identify areas where you need to improve your SEO strategy.

Throughout the years, SEO has gone through plenty of changes because of the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. It’s no longer possible to stuff keywords and spam links; now, search engines prioritize websites which provide great content, a good user experience, and are optimized for mobile. AI is simply another advancement that will only help businesses reach their target audience and maximize ROI from their marketing campaigns.

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