This month’s World’s Best Person award goes to Megan Hodge!

In addition to creating content, Megan can always be counted on for an obnoxiously cheery morning greeting or a cheesy joke. The whole snorting-with-laughter-before-she-gets-to-the-punchline thing? We find it endearing. (Or at least, tolerable. For now.)

Lucky for us, the only thing Megan loves more than stringing sentences together is answering bizarre questions about herself!

Q: What was your favorite toy/game as a child?

A: You know how some kids can be plopped in front of a Disney movie or a dollhouse while their parents regain their sanity? I wasn’t one of those. Instead, I spent at least 94.6% of my childhood barefoot, playing make-believe games outside. When my mom could catch me and drag me inside, she’d set me up with some watercolors and let me use our sliding glass door as my canvas. My skin was fair game, too. 

Q: What or who are you a closet fan of?

A: I typically don’t speak these words aloud, but since I’ve recently discovered another co-worker who shares my love, I’m going to say this with pride: I watch Teen Mom. More accurately, I love it. We all have our weaknesses, and apparently, MTV reality television about baby daddy drama is mine. Sorry, not sorry.

Q: As the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

A: Probably cry because I’d be so lonely! Unless my dogs survived whatever apocalyptic event wiped out the rest of the population … then I’d just talk to them. And cry a little less.

P.S. We’ve recently added a perk to winning WBP: a designated spot in our parking lot. If only this month’s winner could remember to use it …