Congratulations to Allie Grice, our very last WBP winner of 2015!

A triple-threat of efficiency, organization, and innovation.

A triple-threat of efficiency, organization, and innovation.

Allie is one of our top Account Managers & has been a mainstay in our monthly nomination process. She is regularly called out for her work ethic and ability to do whatever it takes to get things done on behalf of her clients. A true “go-getter” in every sense, Allie regularly inspires the entire staff to be great at what we do every day.

We thought it might be fun to get to know her better with a little friendly Q&A.

Q: If you could pick any spot in the world for a two week vacation, where would you go?

A: I would honestly love to do some U.S. exploring out west, especially California. For our past 3 vacations, my husband & I have gone to all inclusives in Mexico & the DR because they are fun & CHEAP (way cheaper than staying here!), but for our next vacation we really want to explore & do fun things other than drinking all day at a swim up pool bar.

Q: What 4 famous people would you invite to a dinner party & why?

A: Oh man. Lil Wayne so we can have a freestyle battle (hopefully he’d let me win). JK Rowling because I just want to worship her in person for writing the best 7 books that have ever existed; I think anyone that can create an entire alternate world with just their brain would be extremely interesting to talk to. Mark Cuban because I think hes an amazing business person & I would love to pick his brain. And Miranda Lambert because I feel like we would be best friends.



Q: What is something you hate doing?

A: I absolutely hate unloading the dishwasher. I dont know why, but I dread doing it (on the flip side, I love loading the dishwasher. OCD much?)

Q: What is your favorite way to de-stress?

A: I have gotten really into yoga over the past year & I can honestly say it has changed my life! I remember my first yoga class & thinking it was absolutely ridiculous. How could anyone EVER actually meditate when theres so much to think about? But now I am completely addicted. Highly recommend.

Thanks Allie & Congrats on being World’s Best Person of the month!