We have been so busy celebrating Liz and her second win, that we forgot to honor her on our blog. Alas, better late than never. Liz is our first 2-time WBP winner, so we figured we’d annoy her with some weird questions. Winning is rewarded in strange ways around here.

Q. What do you call a person that always wins? A. Liz


Q & A with Elizabeth Reardon

Q: If you could only listen to the music of one band or musician for the rest of this year – who would it be and why?

The 1975. Not only is their music amazing, but they write their own lyrics and are 100% down to earth. If you haven’t listened to them already, you are seriously missing out!

Q: What is the last picture you texted to someone?

liz gater








Last night, I went running and spotted this little guy watching me #SeeYaLaterAlligator

Q: What mobile app do you use the most?

Instagram. You can often find me posting pictures of my weekend adventures, Charleston cuisine, or my super cute pup Macy! Some of my favorite accounts to follow are @thedailytype, @townandcountrymag, & @purebarre

Q: What is your most recent Netflix binge?

House of Cards. I just can’t stop watching the power couple! Witty dialogue combined with amazing talent. If only we didn’t have to wait an entire year for season 5. #TeamUnderwood

Q: What celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life?

Sarah Jessica Parker – for 3 reasons!

  1. I’m a Sex and the City super-fan
  2. She’s a great actress
  3. The girl can seriously rock some Monolo Blahnik heels!