Good Golly Miss Melanie! We may be a little late documenting our celebration of this two-time WBP winner (last time she won, she had a different last name), but we didn’t forget to call her out! Much has happened with our Original Melanie (we have 2 Melanies in the office) since her last win. Marriage, a new dog, a new position at the agency…this girl has been busy! Let’s play some catch up while happy dancing for her second WBP win.


WBP alert!

Q: What is your favorite movie from childhood? Have you watched it recently? Does it hold up?

Like, how young? Super young, The Little Mermaid all the way. I was the little mermaid, and my room (and fashion choices, for that matter) were covered in The Little Mermaid accessories. The Sound of Music and Mulan also get honorable mentions. All three hold up extremely well and are still some of my favorites.

Q: Did I hear that you got a new fur-baby? Discuss. Also – pictures required because DAWGS.

We went to get another dog and came back with a horse! Meet Lex. We needed a friend for our other dog, Neena, and all three of us are happy to welcome this giant, loving, ball of fur into our home. I will say its a good time to invest in stock for lint rollers

Everyone loves doggos!

Everyone loves doggos

Q: Where is the best place you have ever traveled?

Probably Japan. My father was ex-pat for a few years, and he lived an hour or so north of Tokyo. I had the amazing opportunity in college to visit him overseas, and spent a very memorable time ringing in the New Year with my sister and father in the Roppongi district of Tokyo. A great night, and an amazing trip.

Q: What is your favorite decor item in your home?

Does a bar count? Yes, my home came with a bar. Its awesome. The previous owners of our new home were quite handy, and left this homemade gem for us.

Party at Melanie's house!

Party at Melanie’s house!

Q: Someone offers to give you ten thousand dollars if you agree to spend it frivolously (not invest it or pay off debt). You have to spend it within 5 minutes of receipt. What do you buy?

I’d buy an experience. I think $10,000 would be a great start to get my husband and I on our way to a pretty sweet trip to Europe. Or maybe a cruise.