This month’s WBP knows a thing or two about the culinary arts, but when she’s not perfecting recipes in the kitchen, Catherine Ramos is making sure all the right ingredients go into her clients’ marketing campaigns. After all, it takes more than a tablespoon of strategy to earn the kind of results her clients have come to expect.

When she’s on the clock, Catherine is undoubtedly World’s Best Person, but once quittin’ time rolls around? That’s when she really earns her title as World’s Best Mommy! Our team’s only complaint is that since Catherine works remotely, we don’t get to see her (or that absolutely adorable baby of hers) often enough!

These questions will help you learn a little more about Catherine:

Q: What is the strangest talent you have?

A: I can write my name upside down and backwards. During high school, I waitressed at a Romano’s Macaroni Grill and the mandatory way to greet each table was to grab a crayon and write your name upside down on the white papered tablecloth so the customers wouldn’t forget your name.

Q: What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

A: What is this thing you call spare time? Having an 8-month-old baby means spare time is hard to come by, but admittedly I’m pretty addicted to Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Not to brag, but I’m on level 968.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone’s home?

A: Well, not one that I’ve seen, but one people will see in my brother’s home. We had an inside joke that resulted in me giving him a small framed photo of the Queen Mother at Christmas. It’s small and in a nice gold frame and when people see it they’re left wondering why he has a photo of the Queen Mother in his home.

Q: What are the best perks you have ever had at a job?

A: No doubt about it, working remotely with Motivated Marketing! Any perk I’ve had at previous jobs doesn’t come close to working from home. No commute? Yes please!

Congrats, Catherine! Stay tuned to find out who snags the WBP title for July!